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Ultimate 7-Step Process
Our ultimate 7-step cleaning process is very detailed and the most thorough cleaning you will ever get!
1 Pre-inspection: Allows you to show us the areas of concern and also determine what course of action should be taken.
2 Pre-vacuuming: Will remove 78% of dry soils. This insures that your carpeting receives the deep cleaning it deserves.
3 Pre-spray: This cleaning agent loosens and suspends the soil from the fiber so it is easily extracted.
4 Agitation: Allows the prespray to break down the soil even further and aids in lifting the fibers.
5 Extraction: Rinses and removes the cleaning agents and soils with hot water extraction.
6 Neutralize: Removes any detergent residues from your carpet so it stays cleaner longer and leaves a nice soft feel.
7 Grooming: Restores the nap of your carpet and allows for faster drying time, leaving your carpet to dry soft and fluffy. This also helps to distribute the carpet protector- if applied.
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