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Why invest in professional carpet cleaning?

Your Health
Regular professional cleaning will greatly reduce any pollutants and make for a healthy home. You see, there is more in a carpet than meets the eye. There is not just dirt but a host of other items like dust mites, bacteria, pollen, and mildew spores living in your carpet.

Extended Carpet Life
Having your carpets professionally cleaned will greatly increase their lifespan. Dirt and grit trapped at the base of the carpet when walked upon causes fiber abrasion, which will cause carpets to wear prematurely and look dull and dirty.

Carpet Appearance
Professionally cleaned carpets keep their appearance longer than do-it- yourself carpet cleaning. Our powerful cleaning equipment does not leave any residue behind like some other types of machines can, which will lead to faster re-soiling. You also will have that good feeling of knowing your carpets look and smell clean.

Carpet Warranty
Most carpet manufacturers require for their warranty that you have your carpet cleaned once a year by hot water extraction - by a certified cleaner with certified equipment (which we do all three). We are also a 3M Certified warranty company, we work for 3M on claims. Having your carpets cleaned every six months doubles the life expectancy of your carpet. But more importantly this protects you and your family’s health, plus greatly reduces indoor air pollution and makes for a cleaner home.

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